04. BOTH VIEWS AND OPINION -In most successful companies, some people think that communication between employers and workers is the most important factor. Other people say that other factors are more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Introduction Exact paraphrase the Question [1] There has been a debate on whether S + V
Answer the Question [2] Although it is understandable why some think A (View 1), B (View 2) is still far more significant
BODY 1 VIEW 1 [3] Topic sentence 1:There are several reasons to justify View 1, (the most important of which are N1 + N2)
[4] 1.1 Idea 1:First, S + V
[5] 1.1 Examples/ Explanations/ Results 
[6] 1.2 Idea 2:Another reason could be that S + V
[7] 1.2 Examples/ Explanations/ Results
BODY 2 VIEW 2 [8] Topic sentence 2:Nevertheless, I still side with those who believe that View 2
[9] 2.1 Idea 1:This is because S + V

This is due to the fact that

[10] 2.1 Examples/ Explanations/ Results
[11] 2.2 Idea 2:In addition, S + V
[12] 2.2 Examples/ Explanations/ Results
CONCLUSION Paraphrase the Answer [2] [13] In conclusion, despite acknowledging why some think S + V (View 1), I hold the belief that S + V



[1] Paraphrasing
[2] Both views

Opinion: equally important

[3] Topic sentence: connection between employers and workers is important
[4] Idea 1: if there is connection -> mutual understanding
[5] Result: build good relations, avoid conflicts. On the same page with leader
[6] Idea 2: when employers communicate, employees feel free to talk/ share/ discuss
[8] Topic sentence: Other factors are also important
[9] Idea 1: Beneficial rewards/ employee retiontion strategies (salary, commission, health care)
[10] If these benefits satisfy employees -> work and devote more
[11] Idea 2: Competency of managers/ employers
[12] If employers are good at communicating but has mistakes in making decisions or policies -> companies cannot thrive
[13] Conclusion





In most successful companies, some people think that communication between employers and workers is the most important factor. Other people say that other factors are more important.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While business communication, especially between employers and employees, is concerned as the most crucial element contributing to the company’s success, some people argue others factors take the lead in this extent. I believe that both views are equally important.

Effective communication between leaders and members is essential for success and growth of every organization. The leader will guide his employees better by verbal directive or other forms such as emails and announcements, which creates the connection or mutual understanding within company. As a result, it will not only advocate avoiding unworthy conflicts between departments, but also remind all members on the company’s goal orientation. Furthermore, building better company culture and workplace environment is another obvious advantage. When more interactions between employers and his or her employees are occurred, people are likely to share or discuss working-related issues effectively and efficiently. Employees, even an intern, are able to voice out their opinions in a healthy working atmosphere, which probably enhances their job performance and motivation significantly.

Nevertheless, the importance of other factors should not be depreciated. Beneficial rewards or employee retention strategies places an important role in the company development. If these benefits including salary, commission policy and health care, can not satisfy or offer to the workers properly, the turnover rate of workers would be high that certainly affects to the business growth. Besides that, the core competency of an enterprise also comes from the own leaders or management board. A successful leader could coach the company in the right trail, especially in the recession time, showing that he is good at problem-solving and making decision, rather than is excellent at communication skill.

In conclusion, despite acknowledging that communication between employers and workers is vital, other factors should also be considered.













(1) Gain a mutual understanding: đạt được một sự thấu hiểu chung

(2) Inferior (n) = Subordinate: giống giống employees

(3) Play a key role in doing something: đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc làm gì đó

(4) Communication barriers: rào cản về giao tiếp

(5) Employee retention strategy: chiến lược giữ như viên

(6) Financial perks: phúc lợi

(7) Promotion policy: chính sách thăng tiến

(8) Competence (n): năng lực

(9) Managerial skills: những kĩ năng về quản lí

(10) Excel in: thông thạo về cái gì đó

(11) The magnitude of something: tầm quan trọng của gì đó

There has been a debate on whether the best way to bring success to companies is effective communication between employers and employees. Although the importance of this is undeniable, other factors should not be neglected.


There are several reasons why communication is important. First, if communication is improved, there would be a strong connection between employers and workers, which helps gain a mutual understanding. This will result in not only building a good relationship among owners and employees but also avoiding conflicts and disagreements. Second, when employers focus on communicating effectively with their inferiors, it will play a key role in building a friendly working environment in which people, even in lowest positions in an organization, can feel freely to share and discuss everything. For example, a marketing staff can propose his or her new ideas or strategies to their employers without any pressure ifcommunication barriers are eliminated.


Nevertheless, there are still other factors that are as equally important as communication in deciding whether a company can succeed or not. What appears quite sensitive but the most important is employee retention strategies. They include both finacial perks, such as salary or commission and promotion policies, which acts as an incentive for employees to work more productive and become more loyal. Also to be considered is competency of employers. Although employers can have a good communication and offer attracting benefits for employees, if they do not have managerial skills, driving the companies to success could be vague. In fact, employers have to excel in skills like creating effective strategies or delegating and building teams.


In conclusion, despite acknowledging that communication between employers and workers is essential, the magnitude of other factor should not be ignored.












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