Nội Dung Tiếng Anh Xây Dựng

English For Construction


UNIT 1 Construction Industry

1a Construction

1b Jobs in construction

1c Project organization

1d Architect’s workplace

Topical vocabulary


UNIT 2 Preliminary Design

2a Presentation

2b Proportions

2c Shapes

2d Appearance

Topical vocabulary


UNIT 3 Final Design

3a Coordination

3b Structural frameworks

3c Connections

3d Presentation structure

Topical vocabulary


UNIT 4 Construction

4a Trades

4b Site meetings

4c Cause and effect

4d Construction site

Topical vocabulary

Construction technologies


UNIT 5 Concrete

5a Where does the concrete come from?

5b The production

5c Meet the Concrete: so different and various

5d Putting into practice


UNIT 6 Ceramics

6a Where does the ceramics come from?

6b The Brick

6c Roofing

6d In the house


UNIT 7 Polymers

7a A little chemistry in our lives

7b Decking, siding, linoleum

7c Bitumen

7d Windows


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