PMP Mock Up Test 7

Welcome to your 14b. PMP Mock Up Test 7 - 2020

The project you have been managing for several years is now moving towards completion. Some of the project deliverables have been contracted to vendors. You begin to close the project and want to make sure all activities necessary for project closure are properly completed. Which of the following activities would you not perform as part of this process?

You are currently in the process of determining, documenting, and managing stakeholder needs and requirements to meet project objectives. A project stakeholder has suggested that it would be helpful to have a visual depiction showing how people and other systems will interact with the new payroll system. You like the idea and want to address it. What is the best way to implement the stakeholder’s suggestion?

You are planning a project to construct a luxury condominium complex that will include jacuzzi tubs among its numerous features. Due to technical constraints, it has been decided to eliminate the jacuzzi tubs from the final project requirements. You document the jacuzzi tubs as an explicit scope exclusion in the project scope statement as well as update the requirements documentation to reflect this change. What should you do next?

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