80. Ngữ động từ

1.     Ngữ động từ.

Đó là những động từ kết hợp với 1,2 hoặc đôi khi 3 giới từ. Khi kết hợp ở dạng như vậy, ngữ nghĩa của chúng thay đổi hẳn so với nghĩa ban đầu.

  • To break off: chấm dứt, cắt đứt, đoạn tuyệt.

Ví dụ: As a result of the recent, unprovoked attack, the two countries broke off their diplomatic relations.

  • To bring up: nêu ra, đưa ra.

Ví dụ: The country commissioner brought up the heated issue of restricting on-street parking.

  • Call on : 1- yêu  cầu.

Ví dụ: The teacher called on James to write the equation on the blackboard.

2- ghé thăm, đến thăm.

Ví dụ: The new minister called on each of the families of his church in order to become better acquainted with them.

  • Care for: 1- thích (take care of).

Ví dụ: Because Marita doesn’t care for dark colors, she buys only brightly colored clothes.

2- trông nom, săn sóc (take care for).

Ví dụ: My neighbors asked me to care for their children after school.

  • Check out : 1- Mượn sách (thư viện).

Ví dụ: I went to the library and checked out thirty books last night for my research paper.

2- xem xét, điều tra.

Ví dụ: This photocopy machine is not working properly. Could you check out the problem?

  • Check out of : làm thủ tục (để ra khỏi khách sạn, sân bay, nhà ga) >< check into : làm thủ tục để vào sân bay, khách sạn…
  • Check (up) on : điều tra.

Ví dụ: The insurance company decided to check up on his driving record before insuring him.

  • Close in on : tiến lại gần, chạy lại gần.

Ví dụ: In his hallucinatory state, the addict felt that the walls were closing in on him.

  • Come along with: đi cùng với.

Ví dụ: June came along with her supervisor to the budget meeting.

  • Come down with : Mắc phải 1 căn bệnh.

Ví dụ: During the summer, many people come down with intestinal disorders.

  • Count on = depent on = rely on : trông cậy vào, dựa vào, nhờ vào.

Ví dụ: Maria was counting on the grant money to pay her way through graduate school.

  • Do away with = eliminate = get rid of : tống khứ, loại bỏ, trừ khử.

Ví dụ: Because of the increasing number of broblems created after the football games, the director has decided to do away with all sports activities.

  • Draw up : soạn thảo (1 hợp đồng, 1 kế hoạch).

A new advertising contract was drawn up after the terms had been decided.

  • Drop out of : bỏ (đặc biệt bỏ học giữa chừng).

Ví dụ: This organization has done a great deal to prevent young people from dropping out of school.

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