OKR Syllabus


  • Attendees will gain an understanding about OKRs and how to implement an OKR framework in an organization
  • Participants of this program will coach organizations and teams through a successful OKR implementation
  • This course incorporates additional learning about corporate goals, agile practices, strategic alignment, and additional techniques
  • Digital credentialing through Credly with lifetime accreditation


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of business strategic
  • Understand how to align the organization around a common strategic direction
  • Set objectives that align with the Company’s Strategies, Vision & Mission
  • Write Key Results that measure the business outcome
  • Understand how to set OKR Scoring and Measurement
  • Learn the OKR Cycle
  • Conduct mid-quarter and quarterly reviews for cross-functional learning
  • Get enough knowledge to play the OKR Master/OKR Champion Role
  • Understand how to implement OKRs
  • Understand all OKR meetings
  • Pass the exam


Exam Format and Duration

This study program has an exam in which the candidate must achieve a score to obtain certification in OKR Master and OKR Champion Certified Professional


  • Format: Multiple choice
  • Questions: 40
  • Pass Score: 32/40 or 80%
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Two attempts included (Second chance)
  • Supervised: At the Partner’s discretion
  • Digital badges through Credly


Eligibility for Certification

This certification is aimed at all the individuals who want to guide their future professional career in the area of OKR Master and professionals such as:


  • CEOs/CXOs/Chiefs of Staff
  • HR Professionals
  • Change Leaders
  • Startup Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Agile Coaches & Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Management position or higher in a corporation
  • Business Leaders, Executives
  • Employees who will be involved in OKRs definition



Introduction to OKRs I

Activity: Warm-Up

Goal Management: Short History Goal Management: MBOs

Goal Management: SMART Goal Management: KPIs More about OKRs Balanced Scorecard Activity

Hoshin Kanri

Mission, Vision, and Strategy Agile Leadership

Company’s Culture: What is it?

Company’s Culture: Three Different Layers Company’s Culture: What Is It?

Is your company ready for OKRs?

The Golden Circle – How Companies Often Define their Mission. By Simon Sinek Activity: Golden Circle

Business Strategy Canvas

Activity: Business Strategy Canvas

Introduction to OKRs II

What companies use OKRs? Popularity for ‘OKR’ on Google Trends

What are Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Hierarchy of OKRs

Andy Grove, OKR Inventor Objectives (The “What”)

Key Characteristics of Objectives

Objective: Quality Check Criteria Key Results (The “How”)

Key Characteristics of Key Results Key Result: Quality Check Criteria Initiatives


Organizational Challenges, and Why you Need OKRs Benefits /OKR Superpowers

More Benefits – John Doerr’s Deck More Benefits

Committed vs. Aspirational OKRs Moonshots vs Roofshots

OKR Executive Sponsorship Executive Sponsor

YouTube’s Corporate Objective

Setting OKRs I

Activity: Talking About Some OKRs OKR Template

Creating Objectives – Tips Defining Key Results Activity: Writing Objectives Activity: Writing Key Results

How an OKR Works Through your Company Brainwriting: Ideation Tool to Create OKRs

Setting OKRs II

Where to Develop OKRs OKRs Process Approach

The OKR Cycle: 3 Steps for OKR Success Seven Steps for creating Team-Level OKRs OKR Planning Cycle

Typical OKR Cycle

Sample Annual and Quarterly OKR Timeline OKR Planning Cycle

Sample Q2 2020 OKR Schedule Activity: Recap

Aligning OKRs

Activity: Confirming the Aligment Creating Alignment

Make your OKR Align


Creating Alignment Alignment – Strict Alignment

Alignment – Directional Alignment Strategic Alignment

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Dwight Eisenhower Priority Matrix OKRs Cadence

How to Prepare for a Weekly Check-In? Regular Check-Ins

What are weekly check-ins in OKR?

Benefits of Weekly Check-Ins Types of Check-Ins

Grading OKRs

OKRs Grading : Example Grading OKRs

Grading OKRs: Template Activity: Recap

Managing with OKRs

OKR Champion / OKR Master

Roles and Responsibilities: OKR Coach Roles and Responsibilities: OKR Owner OKR Coaching

OKRs Coaching Engagement

Other possible roles including in OKRs adoption OKRs and CFRs

Continuous Performance Management CFR – Conversations

CFR – Feedback

CFR – Continuous Recognition Mapping OKRs with Kanban OKRs Tools

Top 10 OKRs Issues

Implementation of OKR will Help the Leader OKR Best Practices and Tips

OKR Master Certified Professional OKR Champion Certified Professional

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